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Saturday, March 23, 2019

What is Jaundice? It Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

What is Jaundice?

Bile is formed in the liver cells, this cell is stored in the gallbladder . When a diet enters the duodenal passing through the stomach, at the same time, the bile also gets out of the gallbledder and reaches the duodenum through the bile system and meets the diet and plays an important role in its digestion. But due to some reason, the pitta extracted from the gall bladder is not mixed in the blood directly into the blood and circulates throughout the body through blood circulation, so the bilirubin salt pigment substances present in the bile can come out of the microscopic blood vessels, skin, mucosa and eyes Spreads in the conjunctiva etc. It starts appearing yellow skin, nails, eyes palate, urine etc. As the amount of bilirubin increases in blood, if the kidneys are unable to clean it by filtering it, then the color of the urine starts to thicken yellow.

Yellowness of the body is a major symptom of this disease, hence it is called jaundice in Hindi. In Sanskrit this cataract is called junkis or hepatitis in English and Yarakan in Greek.

Major causes of Jaundice

Jaundice caused by distortion of liver cells [Hepato cellular jaundice]
Jaundice due to blocking of bile [Kolistetic jaundice]
Jaundice from the decay of blood [Hemolytic jaundice]

Liver cell Jaundice

Due to damage to liver cells or due to inflammation due to liver, when the liver is unable to mix bilirubin in bile, then it gets bilirubin directly in the blood, causing symptoms of jaundice in the body.

Mainly for two reasons lever cells develop deformities

Jaundice with hepatitis [Hepatitis]
Jaundice with drugs and toxins


The most prominent cause of jaundice in India is the loss of liver cells due to viral infection. There are seven members of the viral family producing jaundice, hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, F and G.

Factors that cause jaundice, the virus reaches the intestinal institution with contaminated food through diet and then transports blood from the liver to the liver. In addition to diet, these viruses can affect the infected person by accessing the blood transfusion blood products transfusion, also using the infested syringe, in the liver. Many times the infection of jaundice can be infected even when having sex with the infected person.

Jaundice of the jaundice causes obstruction in the activities of the liver by reaching the liver, causing inflammation in it and its metabolic process interrupted. By obstructing the liver's blood circulation, the metabolic function of bilirubin worsens and its volume increases in blood. In the same proportion of these viruses of jaundice that cause liver damage, the metabolic process of Bilirubin worsens and its volume increases in blood.

In most cases, the major cause of jaundice in children, especially in the case of Hepatitis A virus, is that it reaches the stomach through contaminated grains, water, milk, fruits and vegetables. There is a possibility of getting infected with this virus around the rainy season. Hepatitis E, like hepatitis A, also spreads through contaminated food and water, but it is not as dangerous as hepatitis A, nor does it produce acute symptoms of jaundice.

Hepatitis B virus is more fatal and spreads to the infected person's blood, blood products, syringes used, saliva, tear, sweat, and sex fluids. This virus can keep the liver disturbed for a long time and may also lead to diseases such as liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. Hepatitis B infection is more prone to newborns.

Hepatitis C is spread like hepatitis B, blood, body fluids and injections, and this virus also produces serious and fatal diseases.

Hepatitis D virus affects only if it is infected with hepatitis B or a person who has been infected. Hepatitis D plays the role of associate of Hepatitis B to spread jaundice.

Hepatitis-type jaundice is also known as the medical jaundice.

Symptom of Jaundice caused by virus

This is due to jaundice, so it can occur from one person to another, that is, it is an infectious disease. The effect of viral jaundice can be up to 3 to 4 weeks of infection. It can be up to 2 to 3 times in the average age of a human, but after 50 years of age, it is rarely seen.

Three phases of viral jaundice are commonly seen

First phase

In the beginning of the disease, the patient is moderately retarded. The interest in food is reduced at all, it does not make sense to see the food or it starts nausea after seeing the food. Due to lack of patience, it does not feel like doing any work, and a headache can be done. The symptoms of jaundice do not appear in the first week of start, but the second week begins, the patient begins to come in urine dark yellow. By this stage the weight of the patient may be less than 2 to 3 kg. In the early stage of jaundice, lack of appetite, moderate fever, heaviness of liver position or hotter than other body in place of liver. At this stage, the amount of bilirubin is greatly increased in the test. In viral jaundice, there is no pain in place of liver, but it feels heavyness.

Second stage

At this time the symptoms of jaundice become clear, other than the patient, other people can also see these symptoms. Yellow eyes also appear in the eyes of urine. The palate looks like yellow inside the mouth. Skin and nails also start falling yellow. Such symptoms increase for 3 weeks in the patient and then they start decreasing. As the symptoms of jaundice completely become apparent, the fever decreases on its own, the interest in the food begins to grow again. Due to the general fever and the hunger again, signs of jaundice are found. Although the color of the skin remains yellow only at this time, the liver does its best to do its work in general.

Third stage

The patient seems to be quite normal. And she starts having desire to eat everything. His lost weight returns. The symptoms of jaundice begin to slow down gradually. Most patients become completely healthy within a month-and-a-half months. But if jaundice becomes complicated then death can also happen. Especially pregnant women should be careful about this. In the complex jaundice can be hepatica-coma, the consciousness of the patient begins to decrease, its nature begins to become extremely irritable and starts to vibrate in the body or in the hands. All these are emergency situations which should be cautious.

Diagnosis of the disease

Some tests are done for the diagnosis of the disease such as urin and bilirubin only in the blood, to know the amount of SGOT, AGPT, alkaline phosphate in the blood.

Jaundice produced by drug and toxic substances

Most of the medicines have an effect on the liver. Liver functioning decreases with the consumption of medicines. By doing less work of the liver, many types of toxic and harmful substances begin to accumulate in blood, in which bilirubin is also one. It has been observed that long-term use of TB medicines, painkillers and medicines will greatly affect the liver.

Alcohol, ether, arsenic [arsenic], tetrachloroethene, chloramphenicol, phosphorus, TNT (trinitrotoluol) etc. can also cause symptoms of jaundice with toxic chemicals.

Symptoms of drug and jaundiced jaundice

In this type of jaundice, the liver and gol bladder should be in the right amount only but the boil duodenum is reached, so there is no special change in the color of the patient's stool. Other symptoms of jaundice are not too acute, only patient's appetite remains very low in this disease. Patient may have symptoms of weakness, idleness, exhaustion and anemia. The patient gets lot of relief only after 2-3 days of taking off the drug.

Obstructive Jaundice

By eating more heavy and rich foods in the diet, fat in the body is not fully metabolized, which results in increased blood cholesterol levels. Due to the addition of extra cholesterol, internal width of the arteries decreases and obstruction arises. Pitta already has a lot of cholesterol in it, and more and more quantity of bile gel bladder in the bladder sometimes takes the form of stone. When the gas goes out of the liver and goes to Glouders, a lot of water is absorbed, due to which the gall bladder's bile or bile becomes thick and sometimes it also takes the form of a thick bile stone. If there is any infection in the glycer bladder, there also become stones.

Liver cells in obstructive jaundice perform their function smoothly, but due to any obstruction in the gola bladder the mouth of the gland bladder stops in full or partially due to which the bile does not reach the duodenum and directly into the blood The jaundice is caused by the increase of the bile in the blood. It is called obstructive jointes. In most cases, this barrier is corrected by the operation, hence it is also called surgical joints. In addition to the dry spine, round vermilion and any external object can also block Gaul Blader's door. In addition, due to inflammation, tumor or cancer in pancreas, stomach, kidney, liver or glycer bladder, the tube of the biliary system may be blocked.

Symptoms of obstructive Jaundice

Due to obstruction in the bile duct, bile or bilirubin do not get into the stool after reaching the intestine, due to the color of the stool is white, gray or ash. Hence this disease is also called Clay Color Jundis. It turns urine, skin, and eyes yellow in it. The patient complains about the constipation by not getting bile or stool in the stool. Fats can not be properly digested. Because of this, the amount of cholesterol in the blood increases with Bilirubin as well. Patient may be anemia. The size of the liver can grow slightly by normal and it may be itching especially in the body during the night.

Hemolytic Jaundice

Due to excessive amount of blood cells being destroyed, blood-erosion or hemolytic jaundice occurs. Known as Doctor's Jointism, this jaundice often results in malaria parasites, Kalazar, streptococcus pyogenes infections, severe anemia, blood grouping of wrong groups, getting into the blood of toxic substances, bites of toxic organisms, or birth-borne disorders Is due to In the body, the number of red cells in the blood is destroyed. Because of this, hemoglobin begins to free itself. By the sub-digestion of the same hemoglobin, the bile or bilirubin is formed in the liver, which becomes quite in this condition. The amount of increased bilirubin increases in the blood in addition to the intestines. Kidneys can emit bilirubin in limited quantity, so increasing the amount of blood in the blood, the symptoms of jaundice begin to appear.

This jaundice is often found in newborn infants in the first week of birth. Because after birth, when you start doing independent work as soon as you start your own work, a considerable number of RBCs are destroyed and hemoglobin also has oxygenation, which results in the formation of bile in excessive amounts. Baby's kidney is not able to filter Bilirubin of blood, which results in the emergence of jaundice. Most of the symptoms of jaundice in the newborn can remain from birth to second day to fifth or tenth day.

Symptoms of blood decay Jaundice

This disease is sometimes severely triggered occasionally slowly. Sudden jaundice causes the whole body of the patient to become yellow, urine too thick
Yellow color comes The thirst of the patient increases very rapidly and its digestive system becomes busy. Often the constipation stays and the mouth's taste is spoiled. Occasionally diarrhea may also occur. The patient feels weakness.

The whole body is particularly itchy at night. Sometimes small spunes come out on the body. Headache, body pain All things are visible to the patient in yellow. The patient's sweat and sputum may be yellow. The appetite of the patient gets reduced, after seeing the rich and spicy food, it starts coming.

Treatment of Jaundice

At the beginning of the disease, along with plain food, the lemon-water, fruit juice, sugarcane juice, pomegranate juice, glucose, seasonal juice, fatfish curd, lassi, chest etc. should be taken in all kinds of jaundice, The consumption of high-fat, fried, roasted chilli-spicy food, alcohol, unnecessary medicines should be stopped immediately.

In the viral jaundice, the development of viruses is greatly prevented with the help of an enzyme called interferon.

Vaccine injections can be prevented by having jaundice before applying the infection. Resistant injections of hepatitis A, B are available. Vaccination of hepatitis B also prevents hepatitis D from occurring.

The best way to avoid viral jaundice is to avoid the contamination of contaminated food water or infected person.

Obstructed Jaundice requires surgery.

Along with that, the patient should not eat meat, fish eggs. The quantity of pulses and protein should be low in the diet.

In the diet, use polished rice khichdi, porridge, yogurt, green vegetable, radish, tomatoes, cucumbers should be used more.

Radish juice has so much power that it can extract excess bilirubin from the blood and liver. The rabbit should be eaten by the patient in salad.

Soak the coriander seeds overnight in water and then drink it in the morning. Drinking water containing coriander seeds is clean from the liver.

Vitamin C is found in tomatoes, it is rich in lycopene, which is an effective antioxidant. That is why tomato salad or juice is beneficial in making the liver healthy. Add black salt and grated black pepper to tomato juice / salad and jaundice quickly gets better.

Basil leaf is a natural remedy which causes liver datoxifi. In the morning, empty stomach 4-5 basil leaves should be taken with plain water.

Lemon juice, lemon juice is squeezed in water and the stomach is cleansed. It is beneficial to drink it every morning.

On suffering from jaundice, you should drink sugarcane juice seriously. This allows immediate release of jaundice.

Yogurt is easily digested and it provides probiotics to the stomach. It is a beneficial bacteria that helps fight against jaundice.

Give the patient the place with lever to change the temperature of hot water towels at 3 minutes intervals and give the compression. Massage with light hands in the place of the liver. This eliminates the inflammation of the liver and exits the extramarital elements. In such a way, giving an enema is also beneficial.

It is said that jaundice in jaundice is cured of jaundice itself. In fact, jaundice is rare in jaundice, so patients can treat cold.

After complete rest, jaundice is cured quickly.

Pl seek Doctor's advice.

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