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Wednesday, October 10, 2018



We should remember that Its a Truth that In the modern lifestyle, no one can avoid Stress.

Whether because of work, social relationships, family or even traffic, we are constantly exposed to situations that can make us more anxious and stressed.

We thinks that stress is an enemy of our health.

Stress is a natural defense to external stimuli and is important for survival. In the face of a dangerous situation, for example, we produce adrenaline and cortisol that leave the body on alert, ready to react.

For example, if someone is going through periods of stress at work, the brain perceives and responds with changes that will help the individual to complete their activities effectively.

The problem occurs when this pressure is constant or persists for a long time, bringing out symptoms such as tiredness, muscle tension, changes in sleep, appetite, mood, among others. If you feel stressed, we have good news.

Do you like to drink black tea?

Researchers concluded through a study that this tea has the ability to lower the level of cortisol in the blood, hormone responsible for stress, relieving its symptoms.

The study observed 75 people, who were divided into two groups. One group had tea while the other took a caffeinated placebo with similar taste.

All participants were submitted to stressful situations and had cortisol levels and blood pressure monitored.

In the group that drank black tea, there was a significant drop in cortisol levels, compared with the placebo group.

Japanese scientists are also paying attention not only to the overall benefits of tea, but to specific components that make tea flavor and aroma excellent allies of health and well-being.

A study was conducted to determine the effects of two types of black tea aromas on physical and psychological stress.

Japanese researchers concluded that the group that inhaled the aroma of black tea had lower levels of chromogranin-A concentration, the biological marker used to measure stress levels.

So the next time you drink black tea, before taking a sip, remember to inhale your steam for a few minutes! This simple habit can help not only lower your stress levels but also improve your mood.

Source:   Natureba


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