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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Home Made Beauty Tips By Using Fruit Peels - Try it

Beauty Tips By Using Fruit Peels 


Try Homemade Beauty Tips By Fruit Peels And Tomato

You will be surprised to know how fruitful peals and tomatoes are beneficial for beauty. Here in this article, we will tell you about them today. Details of some of these simple and successful experiments are being presented here.Weak fruits and vegetables are considered useless, while their peels can address many health and beauty related problems. Ayurveda has an ancient tradition of using peels for beauty enhancement. Face wrinkles remedy cure with Orange Aur Lemon Se from the orange and lemon peels Grate the oranges and lemon peels and grind them fine. Mix the cow's raw milk and slightly rose water in this powder, like a rubbish on the face. Wash on the face with fresh water on drying. This experiment eliminates lying on the face.

Exhalation of pomegranate and orange peels 

Grind pomegranate and orange peel with turmeric. By mixing a little lemon juice in it, regularizing on the face gives a lot of benefit in the acne. 

 Make black skin white with lemon

Do not throw lemon peels after the juice is extracted. Rubbing them on elbows, knees, fingers and soles. With these places, the frozen mucus is easily cleaned and the skin also becomes tender.

Lemon Beauty Tips

Remove the burn marks from Papaya, women are burnt while cooking food in Kitchen and its marks fall. These marks will get removed gradually by rubbing the papaya peel.

Healthy Hair by Orange and Lemon Peels

Mixing the orange and lemon peel with water mixed with water, washing the hair, the hair of Russian ends and becomes long and thick. Its frequent use is beneficial. Make hair conditioner hairy silky and Shiny By Conditioner

Make Nails Clean Your Nails Spotless And Shining. 

Many women's nails are dirty and shiny, which look quite ugly in sight. Rubbing lemon peels on the nails, they become stainless, clean and bright. Therefore, whenever you use lemon, apply shikhake in this work.Increase the brightness of teeth Lemon Bring Shine To Your TeethSimilarly to rub the teeth, rub lemon peels on the teeth once or twice a week. 

Along with this, dry and grind its peel and add a little bit of salt to it, it can also be used as a manganese. It also removes teeth worms. Keep in mind that lemon is considered to be the best for the health of teeth and gums, especially due to vitamin C.

Homemade Beauty Tips By Tomato

Tomato is a type of cosmetic, due to the presence of various types of skin vitamins, citric acid, minerals, alkali etc. in tomatoes, which can be brought to the beauty of the experiment by using the methods given below.

Add black pepper to tomato soup and drink it regularly, it reduces the constipation, thereby shining the face and keeping the body fresh.

Tomatoes salvage corrupted blood and give pink skin to the skin of the face.

The hair becomes shiny by drinking tomato juice. Keeping the big tomatoes thick and keeping them over the cheeks and eyes, the dark circles of wipes and eyes are eradicated forever.

Caution - 

Despite being highly effective tomatoes, consuming excessive amounts harm the body. Tomatoes are too bad for everything. Like - patients of stones should not eat tomatoes. If you want to take advantage of tomatoes, then you have to regularly take it in sufficient quantity.

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