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Monday, June 18, 2018

Tips to Get Rid from Body Smell

Get Rid from Body Smell

It is very important to focus on cleanliness of the body to keep your body and mind influenced. If the smell of sweating comes from the body or the smell of breath from the mouth, then the effect of your makeup becomes dull. In such a case it is necessary to avoid them. Apart from this, a proper type of percussion should also be used to make your own. This will impact your beauty and personality on others like magic.

1. Get rid of smell of your Body Sweat

Sweating is very important for health. Sweat controls our internal temperature. That is, it makes the body naturally conditioned. But the smell of sweating makes your personality shaky. Truly there is no odor in sweat, but when sweating comes in contact with the skin, the bacteria present on the skin will cause perspiration to become odor. In such a situation, special attention is required to clean the body so that perspiration on the body does not create harmfulness.

Effective Ways to get rid of the smellt of sweat 

For this, take special care of your skin. Keep it clean, take good baths daily and include healthy things in your diet. If you are feeling deodorant from your sweat, take the following steps -1. Boil the little leaves of neem in water. Then cool this water and bathed. The odor of sweat will be removed.2. Boil 5-6 lemon peels in water and let it cool down. The odor of sweat will be removed.3. Mixing three spoons of mint juice in a bucket water removes sweat odor from the bath.4. Mix four spoons of gram flour, two spoonful milk powder, one teaspoon lemon juice and two spoonfuls of rose water. Put it on the whole body as a wicker. After 20 minutes in a bucket of water 40 min. Lee. Take a bath and mix milk. This eliminates the odor of perspiration.5. Bath baths by pouring 10-12 drops of Ditol, Gulabajal or lemon juice in bath water. There will not be any odor in sweat.

Precautions for the deodorant of sweat

Keep hair from greens and other places clean so that the bacteria do not thrive.
Dry the feet after thorough cleaning with water. Before wearing shoes, sprinkle the talk powder on the legs.

Pay special attention to proper cleaning of the body during each season.

Do not eat more chili-spices and fatty things.

Wear cotton underwear that is properly washed and driedRinse the body thoroughly in the morning and evening. 

While bathing, clean the back, side of the stomach, thigh, neck, knee and the posterior part of the elbows in the bath.

2. Problem of breathlessness Sans Ki Durgandh Aana

Having a bad breath is a special problem. It often happens that the teeth are not cleaned properly, drinking Pan-tobacco etc. and due to some illness. Therefore avoid the hint of breathlessness. This can fade your beauty and personality. Breathlessness is usually not known to the person suffering from it; It seems to him that when a person tells him Therefore, we should make great efforts to remove the odor of breath.

Effective to get rid of the smell of breathing

1. The garbage disappears when the garlic is mixed with salt water.2. Sprinkle a little salt on lemon peel. Rubbing it on your teeth and gums. The odor of the mouth will end.3. Clean the tooth with a spoonful of pisa sesame and ½ teaspoon black salt. The odor of the mouth will be removed4. Put cloves, fennel or cardamom in the mouth. The funk will end.5. Boil neem leaves in water and cool it. Garrage with this water. Breath odor will be destroyed6. Using neem dentin also reduces the odor of breath.

Precautions for Deodorant of Breath Sans Ki Durgandh Ki Savdhaniya

Avoid constipation for this, do not cause breathlessness.Clean the tongue thoroughly regularly.  Do not use pan-masala, smoking and alcohol.Do the cleaning of teeth regularly in the morning and night.Sweating on the body also brings breathlessness to breath, so clean all the organs of the body properly.

3. Use The fragrance of perfume 

The usefulness of perfume can not be denied to enhance physical beauty and to become a center of attraction. It plays a positive role in your beauty and personality. If you want to attend a party, marriage or special event, then information about perfume selection and use of it is necessary.How To Choose Perfume Perfume Kaise ChuneThe choice of perfume depends on personal preference. Use the same perfume as the fragrance you like. But do not use cheap, inexpensive or marketable perfumes. Buy perfume of good company from a trusted shop always.

How To Use Perfume For Removing Bad Smell

Research has shown that the effect of fragrance falls on the entire senses of man and woman; Therefore, husbands and wives can use perfume to increase the effectiveness, attractiveness and sexual stimulation of love. 

Perfume should be sprayed on the pulse point of the body. From this perfume gets bodily heat for a longer time.

The cervix, the back of the ear, the side, the waist, the middle and thighs of both the chests are best for the perfume.Perfume should be used in the evening and at night. Well you can change the time, according to the weather, weather and mood.

Use caution in perfume

1. Use it continuously after opening perfume bottle. Because the perfume starts flying by vaporization after the opening of the vial and its fragrance gradually decreases

.2. After the use of perfume, the perfume bottle should be kept in a cool and dark place.

3. Do not try to put perfume in a bottle from one vial to another. From this the perfume flies.

4. If perfume is in hand, wash the hand, or else it will go into the stomach with the food item which will prove to be harmful.

5. Do not use two-three types of perfume simultaneously. It does not feel the real aroma of perfume.6. Using perfumes, the blood flow to the body's nervous system and blood cells accelerates, so perfume should not be used regularly and should be done for a few days intervals.

Please avoid Excess use of Perfumes as it may lead the Allergic and breathing problems.

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