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Monday, June 18, 2018

Makeup Tips to Get Ready to the Wedding

Makeup Tips to Get Ready to the Wedding 


Makeup is done by the brilliance of the bride and her friends to look attractive. Give your makeup to a special style in the Marriage Function. Followings are the tips to get ready with Make up for attending the marriages.

Making of Perfect Foundation

Basic makeup: 

Clearing, toning and moisturizing is the preparation before making the makeup base on face. After doing this, place a check-up match with the skin. Select Cream Base, Oily Skin Powder Base Foundation for Dry Skin. Place the entire brush on the upper part of the throat and lower throat from the foundation brush. Concealer inserted under the eyes Smooth the concealer with finger finger. Put the loose powder on a little face. Remove excess powder from large brushes.

Cool Eye Makeup

Reduce eye make-up. Touch the light of a little golden eye shadow on the eye's crease line and apply 2-3 quotes volume mascara. Do this only when you are doing a bold lip makeup. Put a little beige colored shadow on the eye crease. Put a little highlighter right below Ibro. If you are not making lip makeup bold, then you can wear a bold color like Orange Eye Liner. Find out the eyes from the inner corner to the corner.

Bold Color: 

You can choose color like Aqua, Sea Green, Golden Brown and Smoky Black when you are a wedding party and you have minimized lip makeup. Doing so will focus on make-up.Lovely Lipstick Apply Lovely Lipstick

Rub lips with a light toothbrush on lips, remove exposure to dead skin after exposition. Light lip balm. After a while, keep wiping with tissue paper. Apply a little conjunct lip, so that the lip color is neutral. After this add oxlald lip liner and then apply lip color. Place 2 coats of 2 lipsticks for bold look.

Lip Care:

If you are doing makeup for the morning wedding, then, while sleeping on your lips for a few days, hydrocortisone cream is available. Lips remain soft and lip makeup will have smooth effects. Put lip gloss with SPF 30 in the morning. If there is a marriage in the house, then you also prepare your preparation in a little advance. Light glycolic acid peel once in 3 weeks, the blackness of the lips will be removed. In order to lighten the color of the lips, it is necessary to take 6 to 10 segments in one month.

Special Trial: 

Add Burgundy Lipstick for morning function and touch the OXLed lip gloss. Matt Finishing Oxlid Lipstick gives a nice look during the evening for the evening function. Oxlod lipstick is the latest in this season nowadays. Touch the powder on the lips to define it. It is important to have a conference to apply this shed. But if it is to be done with a touch, then in this season, try some dark lip color shades instead of soft pink and red. Shades such as Black Cherry, Matte Wine, Wine Forever, Jewel Refine Wine, Butter Red Velvet Lip Color, Fusia Forbidden, come in Lipstick.

Best Blush On

Special color: Plume blush on cheeks. Use round brush for this. If you do not have special blanc-oh sheds, then you should lighten the fingers of the little plum or pinkish shade after putting the lipstick on the cheeks of the cheeks.

This will enhance your face beauty will charming looks.

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