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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Hair Care Tips for Men (Boys)

   Hair Care Tips for Men (Boys)

Hairs play main role in depicting beauty of a person. Many products are being sold in the market to make hair healthy. But it is a matter of thinking that hair can not be made healthy as the way things are made alive, because the hair is not alive. The hair is made up of protein and keratin, it does not have a blood circulation or nervous system and there is also no reproductive properties. If something goes wrong in the hair, then there is a way to fix it, cut hair from that length.

If you want to see good hair on the head then you have to adopt good ways to cut hair and maintain them.

1. Dry hair comfortably with towel

The main reason for male hair loss is the way to dry your hair with towels. When the hair becomes wet, it becomes soft and there is a danger of breaking it. When wet hair is watered with towels, hair can be broken in towel threads. The upper layer of hair can be deformed. Dry hair with a dry towel and dry excess water. Instead of rubbing with the towel, turn your hair on the hair (the direction in which the hair is growing).In this way, it will take time to dry the hair, but after haircutting your hair follicles will change. If you use Blow Dryer, then make thermal styling spray in the hair or a layer of detangler on the hair, which protects hair from harm. If the hair drys through the air then the hair is damaged. If you use this method too much then the skin of the skin with the head becomes even flat. Wide tooth comb should be used, which makes the hair easily sensitive.

2. Keep the hair cool

Hot water has a good feeling of bath but it is very fatal for hair. Natural oil fitted in the hair and head is washed thoroughly by the hot water which makes the hair and head dry. So take bath with the natural water as far as possible.

3. Avoid applying chemical

Often, coloring in the hair becomes impaired, rusty and lifeless. Avoid applying chemicals at home or in the market, and seek help from a good stylist or consultant. The advisor has good information about hair and advises to apply good products according to your hair.

4. Use good shampoo and conditioner

Wash the hair using a good shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo and conditioner moisturize the hair and make the hair strong. Applying shampoo and conditioner gives hair shine.

5. Hair Removal Method

Wet hair can be easily damaged, so do not comb into wet hair. If you want to comb in wet hair, then use a wide-tooth comb. It does not have hair deformity. Blow dryer or iron should not be used to dry the hair because it damages the hair.

6. How to care for the health of hair

The condition of your hair reflects the health of your body. Here are some ways to: -

Eat Healthy FoodHave Daily Exercise In Your RoutineDrink more water (Drink atleast 8-10 glass of Water daily)Have a good sleep (should take at least 8 hours of sleep)Reduce stress (minimum stress)By using these methods the hair is good and it grows faster.

7. Avoid wearing a Tight Hats

The cause of Traction Alopecia is due to wearing a hat on the head. Hair fall from the head is called Traction Alopecia. Wearing a hat, damages the hair of the head and it breaks.

8. Hatching (Trimmed)

One way to remove bad hair is to cut the bad parts of the hair. The roots of hair should often be chipped. If you are raising the hair, it should be done every six weeks but it is as bad as a haircut.

9. Moisturizing the Hairs

Hair is made of moisturizer and lack of protein. Using good moisturizing conditioners can reduce this problem.

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