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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Beauty Tips For Teenage Girls - Changes

Beauty Tips For Teenage Girls 

Beauty Tips For Girls - Teenage brings everyday, new moments of physical and mental changes every moment. At this age, they awake, the desire to be decorated and attractive. How to beautify your beauty in adolescence, let's know about it in detail -

Exercise and Diet in Teenage 

In Teenage where growing body needs adequate food, there is a need to destroy extra calories. Make ordinary sports, exercise and balanced diet a part of life. Simple and regular exercise keeps the body light and flexible. It provides relief in the previous suffering of menstruation. Due to sports, education, walking, there is a great need of physical energy too. Especially for teenagers, the need for blood formation is greater. Therefore, fresh green vegetables and protein-rich substances should be used in the food. For this, egg, fish, fresh paneer, soya bean, whole grains and thick grains should be taken in plenty. It is important to drink at least 10 to 15 glasses of water daily in this age. By this, the body's dirt comes out by sweating and Teenage Skin becomes healthy and attractive.

Hair Care Tips For Teenager

As long as the girls are small, the mother carries her hair. All mothers have to do oiling, washing, peeling in the hair, but with growing age, teenagers like to take care of their hair. Hair washing is very bright by washing regularly. Often hair gets stuck in rainy season. In this season, hair should be washed twice or thrice in the week. If hair is sticky, the adolescent can make hair conditioner at home. Put a big spoon vinegar in a mug water and wash it with hair. This makes the hair soft and shiny. Hair is short or long, should never be hasty when combing. Do the comb comfortably with light hands. Gradually, the hair does not break down, and long comb or brushing increases the beauty of the hair. Always take care of one thing that the comb and brushed teeth are right, not crooked or broken. Small hair can leave open or can be cut in a style that is beautiful in the face. Making a peel of long hair is the best fit. From the peak where the hair breaks, the same hair becomes dense.

Eye Care & Beauty Tips For Teenagers

If the eyes of young immersed in spunky dreams are red or faded, then the entire personality becomes depressed. Waking up night and night in the preparation of exams and watching too much TV decreases the brightness of the eyes. So keep your routine routine and do not watch the TV till late in the night nor add a habit of reading till late night. During the study, take a break in between. If needed, read in the morning. Eyes are damaged due to lack of sleep. Look for green vegetables in the food for the glow of eyes. Carrot, tomatoes, papaya, banana, food are beneficial for the eyes. Keep raw potato or cucumber pieces on the eyes burning from pollution, this gives cool eyes to the eyes. Sprinkle cold water in the eyes during the day. It keeps the eyes fresh and does not get dirty.

Earrings Ear Bali and Jhumki

In girls age girls are more interested in wearing new tops, knobs, earrings. For the beauty of the ears, it is not enough to decorate them with earrings or earrings only, their proper care is also necessary. Always keep the ear clean. Clean the bath after bathing with cotton. Do not insert hair pin or match husk in ear. As far as possible, wearing worn metal jewelry, wearing gold or silver tops or bundi, is at risk of getting infections.

Teenage Pimples Home Remedies in Teenage

In adolescence, where one is fond of looking beautiful, the same nail acne causes confusion. Generally teenagers and adolescents have this problem since the age of 13. At this time bitia needs some extra care. The best way to get rid of the whites is to wash face with regular fresh water. Also put some leaves of neem in water and keep it overnight, then washing it with water early in the morning is also very beneficial. The use of Skin Tonic made at home is very useful. Make minimal use of cosmetic. 

Beauty Tips For Leg And Hand

Boys and girls become aware of the beauty of their feet while keeping their feet in their teens. If you want to increase your nails, keep the nails clean and keep it beautiful with a good filer. Put a little shampoo in lukewarm water for some hands and legs in order to keep hands and feet beautiful and soft. Then rubbing slowly with pumic stone, clean the scum and dead skin. This makes skin smooth and clean. Apply body lotion in hands and feet. Body lotion can be prepared at home. For this, add half cup glycerine in one cup of rose water, squeeze one lemon into it. This is a cheap and immense body lotion.

How to remove blackness from Elbow and knee 

Due to sweating and scalding due to wearing skirts, shirts etc. in childhood often elbows and knees fall black. The skin becomes tight and black due to coughing on the knees and knees. Whenever the time comes, lemon peels rubbing them slowly at these places. After washing with clean water, apply a chopper lotion. This will make the knee and the elbows soft and their color will thicken. If you have clean knees and elbows, then every dress will look good on you.

Dress Tips For Teenage Girl

Dress for any teenager is of great importance. For the body rising, open and comfortable dresses are suitable only. Wear light make-up, light ornaments on time. By wearing more flirtatious or tight dress, the teenager becomes the center of attraction unintentionally. Wearing a high heel makes the body foul and hip heavy, so as far as possible, avoid too high heel.

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